Facades and stained-glass windows technologies

Schematic design, 3D design,
engineering design, the implementation of facades,
stained-glass windows and visual installation of any difficulty

Architectural illumination

Schematic and engineering design, the “turn-key” implementation
of architectural building illumination

Automation and dispatching of engineering systems

Integrated approach to organize and control engineering systems
of a building from conceptual design to commissioning, own production
of electro panel equipment.

Internal engineering systems

Design, commissioning, installation, setting up of internal engineering systems of any complexity: ventilating, air conditioning, cold and heat supply, fire and security systems, heating, energy supply and etc.

LIK Forside

About company

The company LIK Foreside is a rapidly developing Company that  implements  civilian and industrial facility constructions in Tyumen Region as far as circumpolar oil and gas fields and in Sverdlovsk Region, the Republic of Tatarstan, the Republic of Bashkortostan, Chelyabinsk Region, Amur Region,  the Khabarovsk Territory, etc. as well. The main activities of the company are:

Since the very foundation of the company  we focused not only on the annual growth of economic indicators but on the formation of a competent and efficient team of responsible engineers and projects supervisors, who are ready to realize the architectural and engineering projects of any complexity

The major activities of the company were chosen deliberately. There are:

  • Facade and stained-glass windows
  • Internal engineering systems
  • Architectural illumination of the buildings
  • Automation and dispatching

These specialized types of work require the qualitative engineering at the design stage and high-quality specialists during installation and commissioning.  That’s exactly what makes every building “alive” by attaching an unique architectural image providing worthy thermotechnical and climate data. Due to complex integration of all building engineering systems in one automatic and automate supervision system, it allows to achieve the maximum level of convenience, comfort and  conservation of energy during the operation.


Engineering, commissioning, installation, commissioning

From the very start of the company the basic criterion of architectural projects in LIK Foreside is balance between the architectural attraction of buildings, thermal performance and the reliability of hinged stained-glass constructions. Therefore, we most often complete the full cycle of establishing an image of a building:

  • Schematic design with several visualized options;
  • Schematic design with material structure selection and cladding, colour and meaningful solutions;
  • Schematic design with itemized solutions of all meaningful and technical questions, which are made with thermotechnical calculations, statistics and dynamic facade load, materials and budgeted cost of the project;
  • The implementation phase includes: the geodetic survey of the project, laboratory shear and the explosion tests of fastener, materials providing, installation work, stained-glass windows and facade cleaning, optional;
  • Upon completion of work our specialists make a thermovision inspection of EPB (Energy Performance of Buildings) and report it to the Customer in post-completion documentation.

 From the Company foundation our specialists have implemented more than the dozens of projects with unique architectural characteristics with introduction of advanced energy saving facade technology, some of them were used for the first time in the Russian Federation territory.

Not long ago external lights have become the essential part of business buildings as well as of business-class and comfort housing estates. Developers  note the sales increase of good fronted and qualitative lighted projects. If we take into account the fact that in major regions of our country night-time lasts more than day-time, especially in the winter, the use of architectural lightings is more than justified even in residential constructions.

«LIK Foreside» conception is based on the idea of providing the Customer without significant rising in price appreciation with the unique architectural characteristics project that will be visually pleasing during the day-time and well-illuminated in the dark time from one source.

Design, complement, installation, starting-up and adjustment of buildings engineering systems (ventilating, climate control, comfort and technological, cold supply, heat supply, electricity supply, water supply, low current systems and etc.) are focus areas of «LIK Foreside» activities, which are realized in industrial and civilian facilities.

Due to constantly increasing requirements to energy saving and energy efficiency during the buildings constructions and reconstructions, «LIK Foreside» specialists regularly run trials with using innovative solutions and alternative energy sources.

For instance, in 2013 we run the first heat pump in Khanty-Mansiisk autonomous district. The pump successfully went through facings and proved its stable workability in the Extreme North conditions. Nowadays we have realized a number of projects that work by using alternative energy sources and energy saving technologies.

Along with the testing of innovative equipments, the Company has strong partnership with the proven domestic and foreign producers of climate control and engineering equipment.

The differential characteristics of our Company is experience and ability to design and realize complicated engineering systems in the Extreme North conditions with its peak of energy efficiency though at the lowest external temperature till -57 .

Moreover,  LIK foreside Company is a certified manufacturer of various purposes modular buildings (the block-boxes of retaining ventilation, module fire extinguishing pump stations and etc.) also Individual Heating Plants.

Design experience, engineering systems realization and exploitation in different climate zones, which include the Extreme North conditions have shown that a correctly designed and the completed automatic control system of plant and equipment and the dispatching of engineering systems are crucial for retention of functionality and long-term reliable operation. Soon enough, it was necessary for the Company to create both a commissioning corps of specialists, who provide fast and qualitative technological equipment start in objects, including particularly dangerous ones, and the specialized   production station for engineering and electro panel equipment assembly, the low-voltage complete devices of automatic control. We provide the flawless operation of our engineering systems in the objects of different types in all climate zones by the forming of independent control program, the installation of the logic in the work attached program and hardware security level and by own design control.

All works
Facades and stained-glass windows
Architectural lighting
Engineering systems
Children's art school №2
Children's art school №2
Piks City District, Surgut
13-floor block of flats, Bely Jar township, Surgutsky District
13-floor block of flats, Bely Jar township, Surgutsky District
13-floor block of flats, Bely Jar township, Surgutsky District
Building fund KhMAD Zhilische
Building fund KhMAD Zhilische
Proletarskiy Ave., Surgut
Office block, ООО RN-Yuganskneftegaz
Office block, ООО RN-Yuganskneftegaz
Nefteyugansk, 2 building estate, 26 building, 1 bulk
Children's art school №2
Children's art school №2
Piks City District, Surgut
Ice arena
Ice arena
The Vostochny Cosmodrome
The Vostochny Cosmodrome
Uglegorsk (Amur Oblast)
Business center
Business center
Dzerzhinskogo St., Surgut
13-floor block of flats
13-floor block of flats
Mayakovskogo St., Bely Jar township, Surgutsky District
14-floor block of flats
14-floor block of flats
38 Profsoyuzov St, Surgut
Tower-block in the Vzletny
Tower-block in the Vzletny
10 Iosifa Karolinskogo St., Surgut
Shopping center «Vesna»
Shopping center «Vesna»
Melik-Karamova St, Surgut
6-floor house with integrated premises
Housing estate with variable number of storeys
Office block
Office block
OOO OAB (Office and Amenity Building) – Yekaterinburg
Housing estate with attached parking
Housing estate with attached parking
Igorya Kirtbaya St.,37 building estate, Surgut
Block of 25-floor houses
Block of 25-floor houses
37 building estate, Surgut

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